(Acoustic space and visual space)

    Editorial and research project which reflects on the relationship between ‘acoustic space’ and ‘visual space’, and on their respective perceptual structures.
    In the first part, it focuses on the history of modern graphic scores, combining it with examples from various composers of the 50s and 60s who began using a radical graphic approach for writing their musical notations.

    The second part is an graphic project which sprang and was inspired from the previous theoretical research. It consists of ‘sound drawings’, whereas the sounds produced during the making process have been entirely recorded.
    The was to make sound and image occur simultaneously (by scanning the 
    qr-code reported in the book the reader can hear the sound and look at the drawings).
    The images “invite” the sound to be part of a visual representation, revealing also aspects that occur outside the book’s frame, such as the background noise of the context in which they were made and the whole process of their making. At the same time, this editorial project has been a starting point for further exploration of textures and materials.

    Author: Bianca Schick
    Design: Bianca Schick - Gabriele Colia