Sansa for Samsung

  • Sansa for Samsung

    Sansa is a free-standing studio stand, designed to blend seamlessly into larger living room spaces, where there is no pressure to mount or place a TV on a console. It is clad in a fabric shell that is designed to match the furniture in a user's home, in a variety of colour palettes. This allows the TV, as an object, to be viewed from all angles and to blend well with its surroundings. The bottom of the stand is rounded, with 4 legs leaving the body to lend friendliness and familiarity to the overall shape of the TV.
  • Sansa is made out of 3 main components;
    1) An inner welded steel frame that contains female threaded components, attaching to the legs, as well as holes to attach to the mount via screws.
    2) A pair of casted steel legs that contain male threaded components, attaching to the steel frame.
    3) A two-part outer fabric shell, that can be made of heat-moulded PET felt or an upholstered molded PU shell. Fabric combinations can be flexible, but will probably follow earth tones to match most home interiors and furniture.
  • Hidden cable guide in legs to compliment free-standing design