Bloom_Pencil case

  • Background

    People who use multiple pens at the same time should look through the pencil case every time they change the pen. Therefore, they rather take pens out of the pencil case and use them. This can lead to loss or damage to a pen. In the end, the pencil case does not function properly. 
    A good pencil case can be a productivity tool in that it improves the efficiency of your work.

  • Project Goal

    The main users of the pencil case are those who want to learn something.
    To help users focus on their goal, we have studied everyday life rather than a product.

  • Concept

    We have found the most natural balance when the product touches the human hand, considering the height at which the pencil can be held without bending the wrist and the angle at which you can pick the desired pen without lifting your head.​​​​​​​

  • The height of the Bloom is fixed with the height of human eyes considered. Therefore, you can find the pen you want right away from the Bloom while focusing on what you are doing. Bloom is not only convenient to use, but also takes less space than a regular pencil case as it stands vertically. 

  • How to use

    As Bloom has a built-in magnet in the body, the lid and the body will stick together when it is opened. As the lid has a strong magnet, it closes semi- automatically. Thanks to the magnets built in the body and lid of Bloom, you can combine two Blooms into one. Therefore, it is good for those who have a lot of pens or those who carry different pen cases depending on the situation.

  • Branding
  • Production

  • Thanks for Watching.

    designed by Ian Bok