Free 2D Template of Wolf's Head

  • It's absolutely FREE.   And... You can do it by yourself!
    DOWNLOAD LINK for WOLF's HEAD 2D Template here :)

    2D Template for gluing Wolf's Head include:

    ☺   Instructions (eng, rus);
    ☺   2D Template for printing on white paper A4 (pdf);
    ☺   2D Template for printing on grey paper A4 (pdf).

    Difficulty of assembly: ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩ 
  • You will need for work:
    ☺   template printed on A4 paper (3 white and 6 grey sheets of paper 210 mm * 297 mm);
    ☺   cutter;
    ☺   ruler;
    ☺   glue, which does not deform the paper;
    ☺   surface for cutting (it can be a piece of old linoleum, or a glass panel, or a clean cutting board).

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    Wolf In Progress

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