• PODAROK #1 (GIFT #1)
    Podarok is a print project where we make cards, stickers, zines, posters and other printed stuff together with our friends. The first issue is a set of celebration cards and stickers.
    Podarok #1 will soon be available in esh-shop, meanwhile you can order it from here.

    Also, check out the second issue of Podarok: Podarok #2

  • Natasha Dzhola & Bela Unclecat
  • Stefan Lashko & Phillip Tretyakov
  • Valera Kozhanov & Phillip Tretyakov
  • Julia Popova & Timur Zima
  • Daria Litovchenko
  • Ksenia Turenko & Ivan Tretyakov
  • Natasha Dzhola & Timur Zima
  • Mila Silenina & Maria Yudina
  • Idea, design and production: esh gruppa
    Illustrations: Julia Popova, Natasha Dzhola, Ksenia Turenko, Daria Litovchenko,
    Ivan Tretyakov, Bela Unclecat, Stefan Lashko, Timur Zima, Phillip Tretyakov,
    Valera Kozhanov, Mila Silenina, Maria Yudina
    Print: risography and digital printing
    Year: 2016