• Mother Folder
  • This is a mock up branding for a potential service idea I had in my mind for quite awhile now.

    From my 7-year working experience in retail for various labels such as ZARA, Pull & Bear, Club Monaco, Juicy Couture, Gallery & Co. and Supermama, folding clothes became a skill set that I acquired along the way.

    In Pull & Bear, I was trained to keep the tiny storeroom in order and fold whatever clothes that were sent in. It was a chore but I grew to be very good at it. This sparked the idea to start a service with my skill sets and help people in need.

    The diverse range of target audience includes pregnant wives, old folks, busy office people and single parents.

    The label is named 'Mother Folder' for 2 reasons - (1) I wanted them to feel the warmth and comfort of picking up that neat folded stack that had a mother's touch. (2) 'Mother Folder' breathes a new meaning to MOFO, and I will be that MOFO who fold frowns away. Tee hee. 

    The logomark encapsulates of 3 important elements - an OK hand gesture, a Smiley face and a heart like it is saying, "Don't worry, everything will be ok, love." We want to put smiles on people's faces.
  • The service will operate from home and in front of me, a hand painted logo to keep me focused on our mission - no frowns, only smiles
  • The calling card consists of the contact information, terms & conditions and will also act as a points reward card.
  • The receipt is carefully thought out, having all the clothing descriptions ready for me to fill in the little details and pricing. 
    The top area will be torn off, staples to the calling card, and handed back to the customer, keeping things together.
  • Durable and reusable plastic bags will be issued to customers to put their clothing in. This plastic bag will serve customers till it wears out or when they decide to stop this service. The order receipts are conveniently stapled to the bag 
    as identification. 
  • The price list, printed on A4 light pink fancy papers, serves as store flyers and price list for customers.
  • The t-shirt serves as a form of identification when I meet customers for collection or drop offs.
  • Here is the whole package. 
    In the future, I will start online through Facebook and hope to create an app 
    for the service when business is doing well.