Competition Brief — Practical Printer

  • Competition Brief — Practical Printer

    I took part in a competition brief to create a paper mailer consisting of 8 pages promoting the professional services of the Practical Printer, a local print firm based in Leicester. Using G.F. Smith paper stock to attribute the design process, there were limitations to both scale and materials in order to meet the specifications of the brief. This ensured the paper mailer would retain the dimensions of an A5 sheet of paper including the packaging that will carry and store it away. 

    Meanwhile, a visual context was required in order to best demonstrate the use of these printing techniques in contrast with the materials provided. Therefore, I studied the principles and brief history of Japanese strolling gardens. During this process, I had discovered vast intricacies within the construction of paths to navigate and discover, whilst Pagoda Temples were built to oversee these details from afar. Additionally, both possessed historical significance to preserve reliquaries and provide sanctuary for peace and meditation.