Volkswagen Interceptor

  • Volkswagen Interceptor is a college project, developed during the second semestre of the Product Design Masters from Faculdade de Arquitetura of Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. This project involved the selection of a vehicle related to a service, we chose the Urban Patrol Vehicle of the PSP (Police of Public Security) of Portugal. We started by interviewing several police officers in different stations in order to find out the problems in the current cars and elements they would like to add to the vehicles. We selected various problems regarding ergonomics in the interior of the vehicles and also elements that would make the ideal specialty vehicle for patroling urban and rural areas.

    Project Coordination: Prof. José Rui Marcelino

    Exterior and Interior Design, CAD Modeling and 3D Rendering- Fábio Martins
    Interior 3D Modeling - João Agostinho
    Exterior 1:10 Scale Model - Fábio Martins
    Interior 1:1 Model - Fábio Martins and João Agostinho

    Music: Jacob Banks - Unholy War
    Not for Commercial Use

    Special Thanks to: Cristex Composite Materials (Carbon Fiber Fabric for the Seat )
                                   Accura3D and Evangelos Agas for the 3D printed parts 
                                   Tinfer for the spray paints for the 1:10 scale model                 
  • 1:10 Scale Model - 3D Printing Done by Accura3D
    1:1 Interior Model - Carbon Fiber Fabric Supplied by Cristex Composite Materials