Hello Jam! (Glassberries Awards)

  • This project was created for the Glassworks Design Awards 2017 (http://glassberriesawards.com/). This year the challenge was to create a design solution for the Food Segment. The project should result in a packaging solution as well as a design piece. 


    Thinking about a dashing audience, a dynamic jar was created that reflected this attitude: a statement of identity. It’s a jar of gourmet jam that reveals delicate yet distinctive lines, ready to serve at any sophisticated table. The formal nature allows the adaptation of a surprising second life. Through rotation and the addition of a surrounding ceramic piece, a new concept is born: an elegant fragrance sticks. 

  • To get a strong and realistic final image, a scenario was photographed composed of a slat of pine wood and some floral elements.
    Then the render was inserted into the image, working shadows and reflections.
    We have obtained a set of relationships between the first life and the second life which, although they exist in different environments, cohabit in total harmony when together.

    Thank you,

    Sofia e Sara