Skordýr / Insects

  • Skordýr is a second part of Djúpur Sjór series of generative art illustrations made only with the blend tool and "Distort & Transform" effects in Illustrator. The idea of insects and experimenting with new forms came unexpectedly, as this entire technique. The first form and a trigger of everything you'll see here is a Dragonfly/Drekáfluga. It was created last year, and now, two years after Djúpur Sjór here's a full project dedicated to insects. Getting new forms is completely random and the process is such that a slight movement of one point can change and destroy an entire shape.

    As well as Djúpur Sjór, Skordýr aims to encourage your imagination with the forms that reminds you of some creatures you may already know.

  • For the first time I've used scaling to generate new shapes. As you can see on the picture below, both shapes got the same position of the points, but with a slight scale of the right one, I manage to get completely different shape.

  • Thanks for watching!