User Profile Concept Design

  • User Profile Concept Design

    01 - Preview

    Every community product has its own user incentive mechanism.This time we propose a tentative concept which may give a new way to define an user in community apps. 

    I started from 3 key points: Sense of Belonging, Social Influence, Gamification.
    Sense of Belonging: Building sense of belonging is based on dividing users contrapuntally, make them active in fields which they excelled at.
    Social Influence: Social Influence is closed related to the presentation of personal image.
    Gamification: The essence of gamification is Human-Focused Design, besides grades, missions, medal, unique users in the community are just like players with different professions in a game.Enhancing users’ personal images will lead to an example effect in the community app.

    02 - Strategy

    Some communities have distinct skill fields classification, but most of the time they just touch on it lightly, in essence they just classify UGC, but didn’t bring this classification to the users’ dimension.
    This project is targeted towards colouring users with classified fields, and highlighting the tension of personal image.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 03 - personal posters

    Colouring users with classified fields, this is just a goal, but not the method. To solve it, I created  a new product element: Personal Poster with a personal slogan. I know not every user has his area of expertise, most of them are just normal people, just wanna share their life with others, so a personal poster switch in the setting page is needed. But one the other hand, a game-like community is emphasized to motivate user participation, it's the right direction.

  • 04 - wireframes

    The design process of wireframes is relatively sophisticated, I don’t want to elaborate it here. And due to this is just a concept project, there’s no concrete object, so the theoretical analysis about page structure lack of pertinence. But the profile page should leave space for the transaction from personal poster at least.

  • 05 - personalized colors

    Sometimes brand color or normal single color in profile page is not a good way to show unique personality and good taste.So I think users do need a series of personalized colors
  • 06 - other pages​​​​​​​
  • Briefly, the core concept of this project is enhancing users’ personal image to produce active effects on community product. The specific plan has two key elements: Personal Posters (with Personal Slogan), and Personalized Colors. The project was designed in accordance with this purpose, I was trying to express the core value of one product, and inspired us to cherish every user’s influence on the product.