The Hidden Geometry In Nature

  • Botany consists of an enormous world of living beings in different colours, sizes, shapes, performing vast amount of functions in the most amusing ways. This world of plants has a complex structure that not only enables them to live in the environment effectively but also helps us decode their ecosystem. The most complex of the forms in nature can be broken down into simple shapes and forms with the help of mathematics and geometry.
  • Through history and present times, art and science have shared a mutual relationship. While at institutional and community levels these two mediums of expression have been divided as different categories; they manage to form overlaps in various aspects. Science and art are only superficially different; at the core they are much similar. There is a constant interplay between these two fields. Art feeds from science and vice versa. The arts often instigate and stimulate various scientific discoveries and science impacts the nature of artistic creativity, in terms of expression, communication etc
  • Inspired by the book 'The Hidden Geometry Of Flowers' by Keith Critchlow