Pushiron, Concept Iron

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    The most secure iron, PUSHIRON
    Just push it as if it is a push-button switch

    This is a novel alternative to conventional electric irons posing risk of burn injuries. 
    Inspired by push-button switch, Pushiron is designed as such to uncover the hotplate when pressing the big, red button. 
    Pushiron can free you from danger as it enhances safety measures. This particularly allows use in homes with young children. 

    product designer Jungho Lee,  Yeonkyeong Cho
    Winner of Red dot award 2017.

  • background
    Accidents from uncovered hotplates.
    Burns/ Damage in clothes / Fire Accidents

    Not only do little children but also adults may be exposed to the risk of being injured, if the temperature of the hot plate rises over 200'C. Additionally, when accidentally dropping the hot iron or obliviously leaving it on the top of clothes while it is switched on raises the risk of fire accidents and thus requires special care in handling.
    Nevertheless, ever since 1917, conventional electric irons has been posing risk of such accidents. 
  • reference
    Push button switch

  • 2017, Product Concept Design
    designed by Jung Ho Lee (@jung.hoi)


    - Design_ideas.pic :  pushiron, push button switch