Giro Giro Tondo — Design for children

  • Giro giro Tondo - Design for Children tells a new history of Italian design dedicated to the world of childhood and children. The exhibition is structured in thematic sections: the history of furniture, curated by Paola Maino;
    the history of toys, edited by Luca Fois; the history of urban installations, performances and architectures,
    by Fulvio Irace; the history of graphic design, illustration and publishing, edited by Pietro Corraini; the history of animation, edited by Maurizio Nichetti; and the history of writing and drawing tools, curated by Francesca Balena Arista. These sections are focused on outstanding figures in the history of design in relation to education, such as Bruno Munari, by Alberto Munari, and Riccardo Dalisi, by Francesca Picchi, or in the history of pedagogy, edited by Franca Zuccoli and Monica Guerra, or by the iconicity of the image, like Pinocchio, by Enrico Ercole.
    The overture, edited by Stefano Giovannoni, is dedicated to ludic design.