• Ali believes that in the world of today’s transhumanism all culture belongs to the world solely. There are no more certain culture that belongs to a certain group/race as there are no more countries in today’s earth. As the leader of the ‘Optic Marauders’ or the ‘Gefs’ while operating illegally in the underbelly of Neo York, he proposed a gentle and optimistic world where the enhancement of human intelligence should be available freely to the public, after experiencing enhancement as an ‘accident’, he believes that everyone should have access to it. 
  • After four years being declared as an medical treatment method by The All-Supreme Court, BLOOD REDUX gains more pressure as one of the most effective and controversial life extension property on Earth. By harvesting the blood cells of any 4 legged mammals, Douglas Faraday is able to manipulate the blood into a top human blood sample, then can be utilised to regenerate cyber-augmented bodies and born-authentic human bodies into extended lifespan. The BLOOD REDUX manipulated any known diseases the body has ever experienced. While gaining praise in scientific and medical field, dubbed “science-fiction made believe” it also attracts attention from religious groups, ethical conservatives as being an insulting challenge to laws of ethics of nature and beliefs. 
  • An aftermath of a 35-year nuclear powered society in the Pacific Islands of Japan went haywire that lead to the disfiguration-then-evolution of humanity. Victims of a nearby nuclear reactor succumbs in genetic mutation that leads to physical malforming, evolution in morphology and diet of humans caused by the radiation. Interviewing subjects exposed to the radiation we came up close and personal with the people affected by the incident and how it augments and disfiguring the very lives they once had.
    Art Direction & Graphics: Mario Pegas__________
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