Philips Light Bulb Packaging

  • Client : Royal Philips Electronic commonly known as "Philips"

    Project: Class room project. Philips is one of the largest electronics companies in the world. In 2011, The Brand Trust Report, India Study, has ranked Philips as the 25th most trusted brand in India. The project was to take a below 15 INR product and redesign it. The product in question here is Philips bulbs.

    Concept: Research was done on the packaging and a user study was conducted to find problems with the packaging. One common thing with consumers in India is how we test the product before purchasing. This involves taking the product out of the packaging and replacing it if it was not suitable for the needs. This was the problem that was taken forward. The new design of the packaging ensured that the user always had a fresh packaging at his hand and also could test the bulb for functioning and colour of light without breaking the seal of the packaging.