'Design a system of products (a bottle and its packaging) that can safely hold our evoo par excellence.  The main market is Switzerland where the company is also based.' 

    The chief aim was for the user to enjoy this experience with more than one senses and for this reason profound textures have been subtly incorporated in the design. The inspiration for the solutions has been mainly the form of the olive tree trunk in different ways and applications. The ethos of CARPOS® and the project's guidelines were the tools that the limited edition, numbered and exclusively handcrafted bottles saw the light of the day. 750 olive trees in the mountains of Rhodope, Greece have been meticulously preserved throughout the year so that the user can enjoy this evoo par excellence with care, like the way it was produced.

    Each of these limited edition bottles is ready to be shipped individually in its own eco-sustainable packaging, structured with no adhesives. The minimalistic organic form of the bottle, the materials and its time-consuming process is what makes it look different. However, the attention to detail and love for what they do is what adds value to the brand.  

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  • Awards
    iF Design    2018    , Award


    Strategy, Design, Creative Direction
    Panos Tsakiris   

    Sculpting & Mold making 
    George Vavatsis

    Case Mold making, Manufacturing 



    Kostas Bartsokas 

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