• The Story is fecofded In Book of Mountains and Seas It is said that in an-tiquity a god named Kuafu de-termined to have a race with the Sun and catch up with Him,so he rushed in the di-rection of the Sun. 

    Finally,he almost ran neck and neck with the Sun,when he was too thirsty and hot to continue. Where could he find some watery Just then the Yellow River and Wei River came into sight,roaring on. He swooped upon them earnestly and drank the whole river. However, he still felt thirsty and hot,thereupon,he marched northward for the lakes in the north of Chi-na.Unfortunately,he fell down and died halfway because of thirst. With his fall,down dropped his cane. Then the cane be-came a stretch of peach. And so comes the idiom,Kuafu chased the Sun,which becomes the trope of man's determination and volition against nature.