• invisibles.
    my graduation project.
  • Roll the dice, luck decides your story. 

    This is a project thought to raise awareness about illegal immigrants. Each book contains a different story about someone that ends up becoming an illegal street vendor. Each book tells a different story about a person leaving his or her country because of economical, political or social issues.

    The idea is to raise emphaty towards people obliged to migrate by forcing the reader to live what some of the immigrants have to go through when they have no resources or the chance to just migrate in a regular way.
    This is a interactive game book series
    , in which your choices and luck along the story will decide what is your ending.

  • At least 3.800 migrants died in 2016 trying to reach Europe through the Mediterranean sea.
  • This is my graduation project. Done while stuying at the EASD Valencia.
    I don't own the rights to some of the photographies. This is a book created for academic purposes.