Fabric Scarf Design Brand - yummim. Brand Storytelling.

  • Silk + Mother-of-pearl

    We experimented with graphic images using fabrics used in real clothing to make images from oriental traditional clothing feel branded.
    The graphic image so designed was designed to give a dreamy gradation throughout the process, from photography to production.

  • Key visual
    Dreamy gradient

    First, the image that is felt in the material of silk and mother-of-pearl used in Korean traditional costume, Hanbok, is dreamy.
    The dreamy gradation was chosen as key-visual and applied to the brand package using the colors used in the scarf products.
    We have designed the transparent material properties of silk fabric to be felt in the whole image and graphic.

  • Work In Progress

    The yummim scarf, which is handmade in every work, is made by borrowing patterns of actual traditional works.

  • Brand Lookbook 

  • Branding and Identity 
    for a Korean Fabric Design Brand in Seoul.

    The 'yummim' project explores Korea's image in pursuit of harmony with nature.
    The second project, Hanbok Scarf, included images of fabrics and mother-of-pearl used in Hanbok (Korean traditional costumes) in current lifestyle items.

    Yummim uses the patterns, colors and materials of Hanbok, a Korean traditional costume.

    designed by team AMONG
    designer _  Jung.hoi /  henry.Jeong

    C. AMONG:yummim 2017. All rights reserved.

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