Piano Routes Sketches

  • Piano Routes Sketches

    These drawings regard the depiction of six countries through piano components
    and constituted an initial step of the process for my BA thesis research in 2015. 
    The emergence of the particular concepts derives from pertinent historical research. In essence, a component of the piano, such as the keyboard or the whole instrument, is combined with a distinctive element of each country's tradition. Pertaining to the selection of those constituents -that is to say the symbols of the countries and the piano segments- a conceptual research was preceded.

    Since I wanted to focus only on the basic idea of the object reference, I decided to employ a simple, colourless mode of depiction, using only black ink. 
    The represented countries are: 
    1. Mexico, 2. Greece, 3. China, 4. Russia, 5. Egypt, 6. Greece β', 7. Spain
    and some of their traditional instruments.  

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