Continuidad de los Parques

  • This project is based on a short film I made for admittance at the University. It is entitled "Continuidad de los Parques", as a short story by Julio Cortázar. 
    The concept of this story is basically the idea of a story into another one, when these get repeated again and again endlessly. To get the concept to video a GIF format was used, a web-format in which one of its characteristics is being able to be played as a loop indefinitely. 

    The video is comprised by 500 hand-rotoscoped frames where the camera does not stop moving through the scenes of the story. The color palette is based on a grayscale where darkness prevails. The story tells the film takes place in an evening. For that, an intense red color has been added to the grayscale palette, which generates deepness and an intensely dramatic atmosphere. 
    The web video format, added to the reduced color palette, the language of the trembling pencil strokes on the rotoscope and the synthesis of the characters end up creating the style, which is so unique on this work. 
    The video is totally illustrated and animated by me, except for the flames in the fireplace which have been made by my colleague Facundo López.