This is a mini series of only four pictures with the subject of the four seasons. From early on I worked with a framework of different environments affected by the time of the year.

    Placed in each environment should be a single character. I did not want to put random figures in the picture. They should be connected and would live in the same universe. So I played around with this idea of a subsubject. For example the theme of aging or mythologie. But these thoughts seemed a bit too vague and superficial. Beyond their mere looks I wanted the characters to be related not only from the outside but also through their actions. What I was looking for was a mutual motivation of the characters (you can find some ideas in the sketches below). While doodling I realized that I liked the idea of kids at play. Something we all did grewing up.

    Additionally my solution for a visual relation were costumes with patterns, patches, different fabrics, insect like features and a certain tribal vibe. A bit odd but still functional. Something a kid would come up with. Though their looks might suggest that the children are part of a fantasy world, they could as well just be from Earth. Daydreaming themselves into these fantastical costumes exploring their surroundings.

    The look I wanted to achieve was inspired by anime & cartoons. Flat colored characters, more detailed, textures backgrounds with intricate linework I imagined. Still I didn't want  the backgrounds to look too painted. Instead they were also drawn to embrace the kids stylisticly.

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  • Initial Sketches and first Compositions
  • Rough Linework and Layout done in Photoshop

  • "SPRING"

  • "SUMMER"

  • "FALL"

  • "WINTER"

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