firm friendship 金石至交

  •   設定在能作用於禮紙的海報設計。所謂的交情,即是在日常生活中交集出來的情分,而堅定的友情往往是經歷過了喜、怒、哀、樂等生活考驗,淬鍊而成的情感。人跟人之間彼此互相影響,並自我修正,在這不斷的往返當中成就了自己、與最好的朋友。

    The work is designed for gift paper. In terms of friendship, it means the continuous interaction between each other. And when it comes to firm friendship, it always shows the complicated emotions passed through mixed feelings of joy and grief. Our interaction influence each other, keeping adjusting ourselves, and ending up accomplishing ourselves and our best friend.
    The firm friendship won’t fade away over times or places, not even mention to the faults we have. These negative factors manifest the precious friendship instead.

    Designer / Chun-Ta Chu  朱俊達
    Photography / Chuan-Shun Huang  黃詮順
    Client / Paper Beauties Orient-"Ceremony Paper" Pattern Design Invitation Exhibition
    采憶紙品 - 日本環保佳樂紙  76 g/m2

  • Awards
    GDC Award 2019 Graphic Design in China | Student - Selected
    JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2019 - Selected
    TAIWAN Top Star 2019 視覺設計獎 - Gold Award
    CGDA Visual Communication Design Award 2019 | Student Group - Excellence Award
    Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee 2018 - Selected
    Young Ones Student Awards : ADC AWARDS 2018 - MERIT 
    The 4rd Shanghai Biennial of Asia Graphic Design 2017 - Selected
    The 18th Platinum Originality International University Students Graphic Design Competition 2017 - Merit Award
    Paper Beauties Orient-"Ceremony Paper" Pattern Design Invitation Exhibition
    "Back to the Origins: Taking a Look at the Development of Chinese Style Design from Past to Present" 100-Artist Exhibition
    Eastern Spirit Design Exhibition 2018
    Eastern Spirit, China-Korea Design Exhibition 2018 - Changchun City