Graze Wine Bar + Delicatessen

  • Graze is a wine bar, delicatessen, and our take on the classic Italian ‘Enoteche’. A place where the local wine shop is also the place to meet with a friend; at Graze, we want you to share a glass, a plate of prosciutto and maybe even take home a bottle.
  • Graze inspires confidence in the community by providing uncomplicated, high quality European wine and produce delivered with an immaculate service. The public can withdraw from existing notions of delicatessen’s and wine bars (no sommelier’s here), and engage in a truly unique experience.
  • The ‘Delicatessen’ originated in Europe around 1700, the ‘Bar’ or ‘Wine Tavern’ before that. Instead of aerial shots of highly stylised food and wood-cut typography, we see a homage to the dark tones and imagery of 16th and 17th century still life. Then, using a typeface not serif or sans-serif; ‘Blackletter’, a gothic script used throughout Europe from the 11th century well into the 18th.