BRUTE SS18 clothing and branding

  • BRUTE experimental clothing collection

    My project is an experimental clothing collection titled “BRUTE”. The collection seeks the answer to one question, namely, how artistic graphics can be applied so as to bring about a design-to-person connection. How are paper-based concepts going to work when transferred to another medium with more outreach capacity, communicating with a larger number of people? How does a piece of clothing with artistic value that seeks personal relation with its wearer become part of our daily lives? The items of the collection respond to these questions based on the forms and symbology of my design.

    Themes and their animals, animal symbols
    backyard: dog - loyalty, cat - independence, horse - power, and fly
    forest: fox - camouflage, bear - subconscious, crow - spirit, and mosquito
    waterfront: stork - creation, fish - chaos, frog - transformation, and tick

    Collection details
    3 knitted sweaters
    3 t-shirts with embriodery or print

    printed scarf
    baseball hat with embroidery graphic
    reversible fishing hat with embroidery graphic and print
    9 patches
    some waterproof temporary tattoos

  • Project Team
    Branding and illustrations - Kata Moravszki
    Art direction - Kata Moravszki, Ildikó Kele
    Photos - Gergely Tarján
    Models - Anna Schneider, Máté Jáger

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