Todo Mejora (It gets better)

  • Todo Mejora
    (It Gets Better)


    In Chile, seven out of ten LGBT students report feeling insecure in their schools. Almost 100% hear discriminatory comments about sexual orientation and gender identity. Todo Mejora is a  foundation that seeks to find the resources to continue building safe schools for LGBT students and expand programs to prevent teen suicide.
    SMOG was contacted to create this animation, which summarizes the foundation's objectives and represents the visible face of the 2016 partner's campaign.
    Directed by Pablo González at SMOG
    Design and Illustrations by Felipe Vargas.
    3D Animations by Spiro Bunster
    Animations by: Berni Bruner, Francisco Castro, Felipe Vargas, Pato Molina.
  • Character design
  • To design the character, I used the foundation's logo faceted shapes and simplicity. It needed to be non-gender specific and a little abstract.
  • Character turnaround and some explaining on how his hands are constructed
  • Motionboards