Famous For a Reason

  • Young Lions Greece  |  Brief

    We daily receive a huge amount of information. Most of the time, we don’t really pay much attention to it, for example information regarding the disappearance of elderly people. This is the situation occurring with Silver Alert broadcasts, notifications of missing elderly people being overlooked by the public. In the case of a senior citizen disappearing, it is critical that the information is spread immediately and to an extended reach within 48 hours. So, the challenge is to persuade people sharing (online & offline) information concerning a missing person.

    Young Lions Greece  |  Insight & Idea

    On a daily basis, we view and share news about celebrities. Though we spread such insignificant information, we do not share information that really matter, substantial and meaningful news. Therefore, we crafted a campaign that aims in asking people to help missing senior citizens become recognizable and consequently, get spotted faster.
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