The airborne -a canister vacuum with intuitive movement

  • A intuitive movement inspired by segway.

    In order to concentrate in the action of “cleaning up” without taking care of unstable vacuum’s body, the body had to track user’s handling movement accurately. Way of controlling segway was a solution to the problem. Whenever a user pulls the hose(handle), the body incline forward and it goes forward. When the body inclines back, it goes backward. When it recognize power to left or right, it rotates. That’s all. 

    Intuitive operating method, narrow rotation radius and free movement from obstacles are core points in it’s movement. Worry for taking care of the body is not needed anymore. 

  • Confusing design languages of existing canister vacuums

    Existing canister vacuums have an unflattering design from places they are usually used. They only show strongness of the power without thinking of harmony with home interior. They were so striking that users had to hide vacuums while not using it. The airborne has a minimal and simple design that fits around with other elements in home. The material and design could be sophisticated through segway system since it does not conflict to other obstacles anymore.

  • Wireless charging station.

    The airborne requires a small electricity for it’s airborne mode so that it can always keep standing alone. Charging station provides electricity and also a function of cradle so it can stay neatly while unused.


    Sumin Shin, 2017