Take Away Give Away Sofia - The Postcard Guide

  • Background
    We were invited by Studio KOMPLEKT to take part in the project Take Away Sofia. It gathers Bulgarian artists from various fields with the mission to create a new identity of the Bulgarian souvenir.
  • Idea - The Postcard Guide
    We created a booklet called Take Away Give Away Sofia. It is a compilation of postcards, each of which is a recommendation with tips and tricks from its author on the alternative life in Sofia – bars, food, interesting sights and places to visit, extreme sports, language. Of course, they are all extremely subjective, but also quite personal.

    The postcards could be kept as a memory from the city. Or they could be used as a recommendation to a friend for specific things to do or places to see in Sofia.
  • Limited Edition Posters 
    To kick start the project we created a limited series of posters. All revenues from the sales will be invested in the production of the first batch of booklets.
  • Credits
    Creative Direction & Graphic Design - Ivaylo Nedkov
    Client Service & Project Management - Vera Schwartz / Nadezhda Stefanova
    Copywriter - Maria Milusheva
    Handwriting - Vera Schwartz 
    Photography - Vasil Germanov