Exchanging (Un)pleasantries

  • The following project is an extract from the larger body of work I completed for my honours, entitled Bittersweet Bitterkak. The entire body of work sets out to examine how social responsibilities and exchanges often become a frustrating and tedious part of everyday life. Practical components are then masked as functional solutions to redundant social situations. The style threaded throughout the series embodies sincerity and sentiment, which is incongruous from the synthetic and futile social exchanges the works aim to highlight. The ultimate aim of the series is to promote the value of humour, and how it has the ability to make experiences meaningful and sincere.

    The following images are extracts from a voucher booklet, intended as ways in which one could escape unwanted social interactions. All phrases are presented as tear-off vouchers as a way of appearing accessible and functional, while the booklet maintains a sense of sentiment and value. Humour is explored in how the presentation contrast meaning found within each phrase.
  • Some photographs to showcase finishes applied to some of the phrase cards. Photographs by the lovely and talented Zandalee van der Schyff.