Architecture + Typography _ 36daysoftype

    #36daysoftype 2017

  • I quote Frank Lloyd Wright when I say “An idea is salvation by imagination”. Why did this quote hit me? Is it because the master of architecture has challenged me, a designer, to think beyond the realms of reality? Is architecture bound to the physical extremes of the environment as we know it? Or is there a possibility of exploring the depths of “frozen music” and capturing my thoughts into the physicality of syllables? I present to you a series of images through which an attempt has been made to capture my architectural interpretations of fundamentals. The piece explores the imbibing nature of the built environment within the basics of the world (alphabets, as I see it) that cuts across realms of space and geography. It aims to culminate into a better understanding of limits and boundaries, for which interpretations from various walks of life are invited.

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