Nut Genius

  • Project: Nut Genius
    Location: California, USA
    Type: Snack Bar

    Margeaux and Linda's Vegan Kitchen, a company based in California, USA, asked me to create the identity and packaging design for their latest product called Nut Genus, a nutrient-dense food bar made of common-sense ingredients, vegan, low-carb and starch-free. The design was meant to incorporate a contemporary look and feel. The color scheme is based on the main ingredients of each flavor, and the pattern designed to be subtle, inspired from the shape of cashew nut, which is one its recurring ingredients. The first four product line of Nut Genius include Superfood Almond Chia Cacao Bar, Savory Almond Chia Turmeric Bar, Almond Chia Dandelion Caraway Bar, and Saffron Coconut Orange Cashew Bar.

    Year: 2015                    Scope: BrandingPackaging

  • Task: Design & Direction, Photography
    Client: Margeaux and Linda's Vegan Kitchen

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