CPTL bike system

  • capital accessories

    People buy beautiful bicycles only to put a mix-match of accessories on it. Having these necessary add-ons introduces a few problems and inconveniences. Capital is a bike saddle that acts as the keystone for all your accessories.

    These accessories are usually easy to steal and clutter the look of the bike. This system provides a solution that is light weight, theft proof, convenient and aesthetically pleasing.
  • This concept originated from observations made around London, San Francisco, and Hamburg. The saddle builds off a habit many riders already have - bringing your seat inside when locking up your bike. Now all your accessories easily come with you to preventing any theft.
  • Many configurations are possible to suit many rider's needs. The system was designed so regardless of what options are used, the saddle will still look great.
  • The front light is simply removed from it's mount and then attached to the saddle's clamping bolt - allowing all your accessories to be carried together. This is achieved by using magnetic connections.
  • The fender and light compliment each other in terms of their formal relationship but also by function. Acting as a light pipe, it increases the rider's visibility.
  • The quick release was moved up the the top of the seat post so people don't have to carry an awkwardly shaped and greasy seat into their homes or work.
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