Scream Film Festival

  • Why are we so attracted to the things that scare us most? Studies have shown that humans are attracted to the horror genre because it is the closest to death one can get, this was the inspiration for the 2017 Scream Film Festival new identity. The slash of the logo was inspired by the divide between the evil vs good, the monster and creator, life vs death, the real and the unreal. Using practical typography and a simple but eerie 'slash' logo, the new identity evolves itself throughout the festival through subtle drips of black and a graphic language inspired by the films shown at the event. 

    Welcome to the 2017 Scream Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA. 

    2017 Adobe Design Awards Semifinalist 
  • Website for the 2017 Scream Film Festival
  • John Carpenter: Synthesized Terror is a film retrospective I curated and designed based around the iconic horror film director. Below are a special edition of the festival tickets designed exclusively for the micro identity as well as posters showcasing Carpenter's iconic horror films. 
  • This 25 foot installation was part of the Scream Film Festival rebrand. Serving as the main entrance attraction, the eyes follow festival goers as they pass by and turn into one screen to show various film clips from the festival line up if interacted with through motion. 
  • Thanks for viewing!