A Journey Home

  • A Journey Home
  • Statement:

    This project consists in an exploration of the objects in my home. We all have any sort of ornament in our houses. Expecially those brought in by parents. For me these objects are a part of my life, they are in my house since I was a child. Most of them came from some journeys my parents took before I was even born. 

    I decided to create a sort of imaginary journey on my own, through the memories and the feelings that those object give me, because of all the years I spent “around” them. I let the instinct to tell me how to photograph them, how to put them together. It’s both a discovery and a reappropriation, through the creative process of photography.

    This project in its final form consists in a small book (23 x 16 cm), where most the photographs are in pairs. A small poem goes with them, as a small fairy tale. 

    Davide Tremolada, 2012.
  • The project is also available at my website, Aitherslight.com.

    Copyright, Davide Tremolada, 2012.