SAP Forum Opening Show

  • SCENE 01
    In the first scene we used sound wave which reacted to actor's voice. 

  • SCENE 02
    In the second scene columns of light were filling all the space of the hall.
    We used both screen space and real robe point lights.​​​​​​​


  • SCENE 03
    In this scene we demonstrate the major turning points in human history using symbols.
    Stone. Metal. Oil. Data.

  • SCENE 04
    Scene four was the most informative of all. Here we can see many HUD elements of real technologies, which were developed by SAP company.


    Idea l Alexey Grechishkin 
    CG Supervisor l Alexey Romanchenko
    Light Designer l  Stepan Novikov
    Video Content l Knife Studio
    Illustrator l Natalia Popova
    Music l MONOLEAK