s-s-stutter - An Interactive Exhibit

  • s-s-stutter - An Interactive Exhibition Piece

    This brief asked to take interaction with the user and consider how as a graphic designer you can create an affordance. The brief asked to create a piece of graphic design that not simply engages the user but makes him/her physically interact with it to find out more. 
    s-s-stutter aims to engage the audience with the subject of speech impediments, more specifically stutters/stammers. The computer console introducers the user to the concept of stuttering and what it is, the user can then press the 'Enter' key if they wish to start the interaction.

    The console asks a number of awkward and personal questions directed to the user. As the user responds, random words and characters will start to duplicated and delete, replicating a stutter but within the digital environment.

    The aim of this exhibit was for the user to understand the feeling of stuttering, as they struggle and get frustrated as they type, within a digital environment that modern society have become so adapt to.