Three Mountains


    Art direciton : Yi-Hsuan Li / 李宜軒
    Visual design : Yi-Hsuan Li / 李宜軒
    Client : NCTU IAA / 交通大學應藝用藝術所
    Printer: Wei-Yang Printing Enterprise Co.,LTD
    Copywriting : Chia-Yu Li / Juin-Ping Chen

    One mountain, two mountains, three mountains. The journeys of artists are over countless mountains. We peek between the self, the works and the world. We inquire into the essence, the meaning and the representation of works. On the long journey, searching, exploring and experiencing, we realize arts is more than an mountain—objective. It is mist—ambiguous. It is the journey, the process, the presence—abundant. We are on the way, always.
    Three years, three months, three days. Time leads us to climb over the slopes and cliffs in the process. We are traveling through paper and pages, roaming around in the spectacular scenes, or floating in the river of images.

    3年、3月、3天,時光引領我們攀越創作的坡崖,我們在書頁中穿梭、在風景中徘徊、在影像中流動。一座山頭、兩座山頭、三座山頭,創作者的旅途有著無盡的山頭。我們在個人、作品與外在世界之間來往探看,在作品的本質、意義、行為反覆探問。漫漫旅程,我們追尋、探索、遊歷,發現創作不只是座山,也是曖昧多解的霧嵐、也是豐富曲折的旅程當下。 我們總是在途中。

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