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  • First shot
    Welcome to dribbble :)

  • Vietnam Discovery
    Vietnam Discovery is a project to brings the great image and awesome places to travel around Vietnam.
  • Kien Thanh
    Kien Thanh is one of the store luxury furniture largest in Vietnam
  • SuperGreen
    Here is one of those products we are so proud, we apply 3D, Animation, Interactive. To bring a new user experience.
  • Mobo - New Grid System
    Based on complex geometrical system of the circle, I made new system of Mobo grid, perfection from those numbers.
  • Payment UI Form
    I want to show something new, neat and easy to recognize when users payment.
  • Blog - New / UI Elements
    Made with love :)
  • Bella
    Upon completion of this project, we did understand a lot about women. 
  • Unison Audio
    This promising project can help you reach your full potential, with intense, passonate, stunning and energetic stuffs ahead.
  • Moca - Mobile Payment
    Poster Concept Art
  • Live stream social app
    Live stream app project, focus on user experience in selecting channels to watch
  • Paid and Leave
    This is something in my head
  • Cash Flow
    Free Icon Set - Download
  • Weather - 001
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Falcon 9 - 003
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Black Friday - 004
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Feature - 004
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Holiday - 005
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Club History - 006
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Lamborghini - 007
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Music Player - 008
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Pay - 09
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Adidas - 10
    Daily UI Challenge
  • Ecommerce - 11
    Daily UI Challenge
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