ZI Logo & Identity Design

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  • Z L A T O V  –  I O N   B R A N D I N G

    This brand will be a future logistics company that provides 
    shipping services and freight transportation abroad 

    Design Task
    Create a Logo and a strong visual identity that would give a sense of boldness, 
    confidence and also would suggest a fast & reliable service

    The main idea is revolving across the letter "Z" and it's angle,
    this gives a dynamic feel to the logo and the whole identity
  • Typography & Brand Colors

    The main font helps the brand get immediate type recognition and
    there's also a second font for Text Paragraphs called Aileron.
  • The Pattern

    One of the key elements from the whole identity system, along with the custom typography is of course the Brand Pattern.
     It was developed from the original letter "Z" of the main logo, and is meant to be applied 
    on all branding materials to ensure brand awareness and recognizability.
  • Spreading The Identity

    As mentioned above, the pattern will be used on all branding materials,and bellow is an example of how the
     identity works on all kind of objects, from business cards to t-shirts, notebooks and even cars.