Stamp and Book

  • Science book for children / a set of postage stamps
    Project devoted to the contribution of Ukrainian scientist Igor Dmitrenko.

    Igor Dmitrenko, Doctor of Sciences (in Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, was born in 1928, Kharkiv. The investigations of the superconductors became a starting point of further researches of more than 10 laboratories which continued and advanced both the fundamental and applied investigations. Among these are the investigations of the Josephson tunnel junctions, thin film physics, classic and quantum dynamics of SQUID's, development of new types of semiconducting low-temperature sensitive thermometers, superconducting bolometers, quantum receivers and converters of microwave radiation, superconducting quantum magnetometers  DC and RF SQUIDs, magneto cardiographs, based on these, microwave devices based on superconducting resonance systems.
  • The book is designed for children 12-13 years old. The book will be of interest both to fans of scientific research and curious listeners. In the book there are many moving elements that allow the children easier to interact with the new information.
  • The design of postage stamps and the book consisted of many preparatory stages, beginning with the selection information from archives, the establishment of the preparatory illustrations, patterns, completing by the manual assembly of the book. In the process of finding the visual language of the project was the shape and color corresponding to the main activities of the scientist Igor Dmitrenko, namely superconductivity and low-temperature  materials .

    The project was created in the framework of the educational activities of the Kharkiv Scientific, 2017.