Sling Stol

  • ​​​​​​​Sling Chair

    Design Brief- To design and prototype a knockdown sling chair that can fits in an airline documented luggage bag.
    As well the fabrication should fit into de possibilities of Mexican and Swedish context.

    Concept- I'm sure Po Shun Leong was questioning himself why is that sling chairs where so loved in the early mexican furniture industry...

    This project is inspired by Don Shoe Maker, Luis Barragan, Po shun furniture, among others. In the old days, the sling chairs where popular inside the living rooms, some of them became luxury items, and some others evolved into democratic pieces of furniture (Acapulco), nowadays this kind of furniture is used by younger generations, as an important element inside the house... a place for gathering and sharing.

    In a sense of generating a dialogue between my cultural background (México) and the present context (Sweden), this chair is designed to share a lifetime, to sit and reflect, to talk without a hurry after long working journals.
    To enjoy moments of the daily life, and the rituals encountered as human beings. 
  • Materials: 
    White washed birch wood 
    Pink wool 
    Brass nails 

    Upholstery work by Johanna Björling.

    This project was designed and produced in Stockholm, Sweden at Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies 2017.