Creative Learning Space for Canberra Primary School

  • Creative Learning Space for Canberra Primary School

    This project was commissioned by Canberra Primary School for the Design Incubation Centre to conceptualize and design.

    The final outcome of the project was proposed to Canberra Primary in the form of a render, showing multiple views of the space and its zones/components.

    Certain features of the room are marked out with a number and coloured ring, indicating the Priming Strategy that was referenced in coming up with the design.

    The strategies can be found here.

    Conceptualization and design by Gloria Ngiam and Naroth Murali.

  • After gathering insights from the co-creation workshop we held with the student leaders of Canberra Primary, we sought a way to synergize our findings with the research we carried out around priming and cognitive/behavioural science.

    We modified the hexagon tiles from the co-creation workshop we previously facilitated to carry out our own analysis of the space, using OBJECTS/ACTIONS/FEATURES as our tools instead. We then paired them with the priming strategy cards to see if it would lead to an interesting outcome.
  • After selecting the appropriate Priming Strategies, we used images from Pinterest to create another reference Collage, and moved into creating themes based on the different zonal configurations we came up with.

    They were mainly: Mobility, Collaboration, Leadership and Oasis

    We did some preliminary prototypes using CAD and physical mockups.
  • The space after construction in 2017, being utilized by the Student Leaders of Canberra Primary School.