• Jerk of all jerks is a student editorial design project based on the idea of privacy and stalking. 

    The aim of the project was to show the craziness of John Lennon's stalker and murderer - Mark Chapman and the context of love and devotion in this whole situation. I wanted to show and describe this homicide from the different perspective, so I chose to use the interviews with women involved in those tragic events. Both - Yoko Ono and Gloria Chapman are Japanese and they have totally distinct views on what happened in front of Dakota Hotel in New York on 8th December 1980. The first one puts a blame on Chapman and the other one is still unbelievably in love with him and believes he converted to Catholicism. 

    The color space of the layout, as well as calligraphy is inspired by Japanese roots of both women. The title is a quote of Paul McCartney, who described Mark Chapman with those words, being asked about his opinion on the man, who killed his band mate and best friend.