Chamba para Creativos ®

  • Chamba para Creativos®
    Designed by Roger Lara® .
    Year 2012.


    Chamba para Creativos® page specialized designers, graphic artists, photographers, illustrators, marketers, communicators and creative in general, where, regardless of whether you're a company, private or freelance worker, you can post your job to find the staff you need. Also if you are looking for jobs you can check actual job openings and postulate. 
    The objective of our client was not only communicate the attributes of the page, also reflect the dynamism and creativity of designers. 
    The concept we developed is based on the color and strength. The logo, one CH lowercase to make it friendly and within these letters, is the CR of creativity: 'Creativity is inside, discover it'. The contrast formed by the combination of the colors used to provide a dynamic and unique image to the brand.