L-ROD / 2017

  • L-ROD
    Monitor for laptop users.

  • Problem
    Normal monitors vary in size, height, and bezel.
    So it's not organized, it's very messy.

  • Solution
    L-ROD is a optimized monitor for laptops.

  • Package
    The package includes a L-ROD, a USB-C cable, and a warranty.

  • Design
    The display is equipped with an L type stand.

  • Curved Edge
    The edge of the display are designed in curves.
    To expand the display with minimal bezel.

  • Tilt Display
    Press the upper button of the L stand to rotate the display to the desired angle.

  • L Stand
    You can connect the USB-C cable to the USB-C terminal on the stand.
    A single USB-C cable is sent to both power and image data.

  • The center of gravity
    The L stand was designed with a right-angled triangle.
    And the centre of gravity of the stand and the display coincides.

  • Back cover
    Press the logo button to replace the back cover.

  • Used with laptop
    Depending on the taste of laptop users, It can be used in any direction.

  • design.hyunsupark@gmail.com