d.lab for Singaplural 2017

  • The d.lab collection, “Objects Around the Tablescape” focuses on the visceral and emotive quality of materials, such as translucency, texture, weight, the way it feels when you hold it in your hand, the way it catches light and shadow. 

    Most of the time a design is started by asking a sample block of material what it wants to be, how it would like to exist, what the materials themselves can offer, how they can exist within the context of our living space, our tablescape? We then ask questions about how innovative digital fabrication techniques such as CNCing and 3D printing can be applied to these materials, or how existing methods can be subverted to achieve a desired design.

    Developed through a material exploration workshop, this collection is designed and manufactured in Singapore by Design Incubation Centre’s team of designers as well as National University of Singapore’s Industrial Design Program students, with design direction from Patrick Chia. It features works in acrylic, copper, aluminium and Delrin®.

    This collection was featured at Singaplural, during Singapore Design Week 2017. 
  • The plinths were made from solid low density polyethelene foam blocks (LD29), and feature subtle CNC engravings of the university crest and d.lab branding on the sides.
  • Please visit www.dlab.com.sg for more information on this project.