• Invisible Ink is a collection of critical essays exploring typography’s role in design. Should typography be 
    invisible? Can type have function beyond legibility? How can typography enhance book design and the 
    reading experience? Different essays answer these questions differently.

    This book is an experimental volume exploring unconventional book typography via form and content.
    My goal was to highlight the differences of the essays with each other, while still creating a cohesive and
    visually interesting book. Each essay is typeset to reflect it’s content, enhancing it’s context and 
    informing the overall design. The varying typefaces allow each essay to have it’s own typographic voice, 
    so a range of opinions to be expressed vividly in a blackand white paperback. ​​​​​​​
  • Softcover
    104 pp 
    Perfect Bound
    Strathmore Premium Wove Ultimate White 104gsm

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