• Vidasana
    Graphic Identity and stationery and further applications

    Vidasana is a small venture run by two Yoga instructors that claim to be able to fight stress with Yoga and positive habits. The proposal for them was to go further than the yoga lessons, and offer a complete package of an “Anti-Stress Therapy“ for companies that could raise productivity by investing in their employees’ wellness. The package Includes lessons, workshops with different topics, a yoga-diary with stickers to strengthen habits and analyze routine, some special events, and even a mobile app, that reminds you the time for an active break, gives you a short routine of yoga positions, with relaxing music, gives you the possibility of ask questions to the instructors and detects by GPS technology when you are staying too much time in the same position. The project is in process. The rocks photo was downloaded from the internet, does not belong to me.
  • “Seek balance for your life“